Other Webstores

Founded in 2012, myFairtrade.com is one of the largest online shops for health and natural products.

Founded in 1998 – online shop for Icelandic items including health products. It delivers to the US, Canada, and most parts of the globe. They offer different modes of payments and delivery options. The site is available in Icelandic, English and German languages.

Heilsuhúsið is a leading store in selling health products in Iceland for over 35 years. Currently, it operates three stores in the capital area and three  in the rural. Its pride is providing top quality products and services.

AíL stands for Allt í lagi, which means everything is ok in Icelandic. AiL specializes in introducing concepts and products from Europe in Iceland and representing Icelandic companies in the Netherlands and other Western European countries. For these last mentioned activities, we are focussed on Icelandic companies that produce pure and typical Icelandic products.

Daria Imports LLC – is a North America supplier of distributor of natural health supplements, organic and specialty foods related products. We select only the best natural brands from Iceland, that have been perfected by a spirit of innovation and an unwavering commitment to delivering superior quality products and value to our customers.  Our Brands are based on ingredients, nutritional value, and sustainable and green manufacturing methods.

Lyfja is one of the oldest private pharmacies in Iceland, the company started its operations with the opening of Lyfja Lágmúla in 1996. Today, Lyfja operates 30 pharmacies throughout the country.