The Effects of Silica


Silica is probably best known for its beneficial effects on skin, hair and nails, the latter two especially. But it also strengthens most types of connective tissue and has therefore much broader effect. Examples of connective tissue include bone tissue, cartilage, ligaments, parts of veins, arteries, and sinews etc. It includes most types of tissues that provide support in the body.*

Silica can increase bone mineral density by making the bone tissue more receptive for other minerals such as calcium and it helps the bones retain their minerals. Similarly, silica strengthens cartilage and other types of connective tissue found in joints and ligament. Silica can also strengthen and increase the elasticity of skin and the walls of arteries and veins.*




As we age, the body‘s ability to take up silicon from our diet decreases. Therefore many experts recommend silica supplements as a way of ensuring the body gets enough silicon. Silicon deficiency increases the risk of bone and cardiovascular diseases along with symptoms from other connective tissues, e.g., the slow healing of wounds and badly formed connective tissue. Other symptoms of silicon deficiency include brittle nails and hair loss.*

Over the years aluminium can accumulate in our bodies as it is found widely in our environment and even in our diet. Few years ago many scientist thought that the accumulation of aluminium was the cause of Alzheimer‘s disease. This has now be shown not to be true but nevertheless accumulated aluminium does cause symptoms very similar to senility or dementia. One of the important effects of silicon is that it is one of the most efficient way to rid our bodies of accumulated aluminium. This has been confirmed by many studies.*


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