Frequently asked questions

For whom is the product from geoSilica?

For women and men who care about their bone health since silica is essential for bone mineralization, mineral retention, and decreasing bone breakdown. Studies show that most women are generally only getting around half of the recommended amount of silicon necessary for normal bone mineral density

For people who care about the appearance and the health of their skin, hair and nails. Silica has a very beneficial effect on hair and nails, strengthening brittle nails and increasing the tensile strength of hair, and also beautifying hair. Silica also strengthens the skin and can reduce micro wrinkles and increased silica intake can also reduce hair loss.

For people suffering from pain due to arthritis and osteoarthritis and other problems in the musculoskeletal system. We have heard from many customers who state that they have gotten relief from persistent arthritis pain after taking geoSilica supplement for some time.

For women with iron deficiency that does not improve with other oral supplements. We at geoSilica have heard from quite a few women who have been fighting chronic iron deficiency with little success but after taking our silica for a few weeks, their iron levels have reached normal values.

How is the product made?

The silica from geoSilica is a natural geothermal silica in the form of microscopic particles that precipitate out of the geothermal water coming from the boreholes supplying the Hellisheidi geothermal power plant. The concentration of silica is increased greatly in a process that only increases the concentration of silica particles but not the concentration of other compounds or chemicals. Finally the geothermal water is replaced with clean ground water from the area but the concentration of silica stays constant. The final product is therefore 100% natural geothermal silica in very clean Icelandic ground water. No chemicals of any kind are used in the production, nor is high heat utilized.

How has the experience with the product been so far?

The product has been on the market for a few years and we are extremely pleased with the response it has received and the many positive user experiences customers have shared with us. We have not yet received any complaints about the product itself or heard of any side effects from the use of the product. We are constantly working on improving the product and staying up to date with the latest research on the effects of silica / silicon in the body.

What research has been done on the effects and the role of silicon in the body?

The mineral silica is a source of the element silicon for our bodies. In the year 1972, Dr. Edit Muriel Carlisle showed through experiments on animals that silicon is an essential trace mineral for all higher animals. Previously it was thought that silicon was inert in the body. Her research showed that if animals don‘t get any silicon in their diet will very soon start to show serious deficiency symptoms. Theses symptoms include: Severe osteoporosis, bone deformities and osteoarthritis. Wounds heal extremely slowly, the coat and skin of animals looks very unhealthy and all connective tissue is generally badly formed. Her research was then confirmed by several independent studies over the next years.

Since these early days the number of studies and peer reviewed scientific papers about the role of silicon in the human body has increased every year.

Large epidemiological studies have been performed that confirm the important role of silicon in the efficient and correct production of collagen and how it helps strengthening connective tissue by cross-linking macro molecules in the extracellular matrix. Silicon helps with the mineralization of bone tissues and increases the expression of genes that play a role in the mineralization of osteoblasts. This has led to silica being increasingly used in bone cement and bone implants.

GeoSilica relies only on recent peer reviewed scientific papers in all its statements about the effects of the product and interested parties are advised to view a list of scientific articles on the company’s website.

How much to take of the product and how often?

One tablespoon (10 ml) once a day is the recommended dose. However, taking larger doses is all right to reduce occasional heartburn and reflux discomfort.

How long time does it take to feel the change?

It depends a lot on what people are taking the silica for and it can also be very subjective. We at geoSilica are not pretending to be producing some magic solution for various ailments The majority will see difference in their nails and hair relatively soon or within a month. Many have found a significant improvement of pain of various kinds after similar length of time. If people are really lacking silicon then they must constantly take the supplement if they don’t receive enough silicon from their diet. An important fact is that the uptake of silicon from the diet decreases with age so for older people it is more important to take silica supplements.

Has the functionality of the product from geoSilica been studied?

The efficacy of our product has not been studied but the effects of silicon in similar form and silicon generally has been extensively studied over the years. We are in the process of preparing systematic research on the effectiveness of our product.

Are there any side effects of the product from geoSilica?

If the instructions for dosage is followed there should not be any danger of any side effects. No toxic effects are known from the intake of amorphous silica i.e. silica that does not have crystal structure such as geothermal silica.

Can the product be taken with other medicine?

Yes, but care should be taken to not take the silica at the same time other medicine is taken. The silica can interfere with other medicine by absorbing their active chemicals and thus delaying their action. We recommend that people take the silica an hour before or after taking other medicine.

Is it safe to use the product during pregnancy?

We don‘t recommend our product for pregnant women. In general, pregnant women should not be taking supplements such as silica and many others. Effects of silicon on pregnant women has not been studied well enough for the time being.