Researches on Silica


In recent years there have been a lot of studies done on the necessity of silica for the human body. These research show without a doubt that silica does play a significant role in the body. It is especially good for bone health but also for the collagen, which is the backbone of the connective tissue. The connective tissue is found in bones, skin, hair, nails, joints, tendons and the cartilage just to name a few.

Silica helps with collagen placement in the body. Silica also has the ability to help other minerals to play their role in the bone tissue and therefore it strengthens the bone structure. This can be the key for a good result when taking calcium.


Two big researches done on the absorption of the human body from food in relation to osteoporosis show that increased intake on silica have a positive effect on bone mineral density in both men, but especially in women before menopause and also after hormone treatment after the menopause. It also shows that if women take silica before menopause this positive effect on the bone mineral density decreases the risk of serious osteoporosis.

These research show that the daily intake of silica is strongly related to increase of bone mineral density. The average intake from food in the Western countries is commonly only half of the recommended dosage. It is also pointed out that the absorption of silica from food decreases with age and women in the Western countries are a special risk group because they only get 18 mg of silica from their daily diet By taking in silica supplement you can prevent silica shortage and then decrease the risk of serious osteoporosis.


Research show that silica strengthens all connective tissue in the body, e.g. all joints, cartilage and bone A study was done on young (18 months) racehorses in training. The horses were split into three groups, the first were given big doses of silica supplement, the second was given a smaller dose of silica supplement and also vitamin D, the third and last group was not given any supplement of any kind. The horses were examined before training and then regularly while in training (days 0, 62, 104, 244) and their results documented including all injuries like broken bones and lameness. The result of the research revealed that both groups given silica supplement showed better result racing than the others, they also did not get as many injuries and they showed more density in their metacarpal bones. . People who exercise and practice any kind of sports should take silica supplement regularly.

Researches and information about silica:
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