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We welcome new investors who want to take part in our dream of making our passion a reality. For those interested and seek further information or want to contribute, don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail: geosilica@geosilica.com

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Awards & nominations:

Best Boostrapped 2016 (Iceland)

Startup that has shown the greatest development over the last year based on growth, impact, sales, product and/or services, with no funding.

Founder of the Year 2016 (Iceland)

An individual that has shown notable achievements over the last year. Notable achievements could be fund raising, great customer growth, good financials, great leadership.

Grant 2015

Association of Local Authorities in Suðurnes is a competitive fund and applications are evaluated on the objectives and priorities set out in the fund allocation.

Marketing grant 2015

The marketing grant from Rannís’s Technology Development Fund  are to help firms to get set up and have a turnover below 300 million. Projects of Rannís are supported for one year to a maximum of 10 million.

atvinnumal kvenna

Project Grant 2014

The Ministry of Welfare has once a year awarded grants to women entrepreneurs in Iceland, 35.000.000 ISK pr. year with the aim of encouraging women to start up their own companies and to increase their access to finance. Grants are awarded by the ministry but the fund is hosted by the Directorate of Labour.

Top 10 for Best Business Idea 2013

The Golden Egg is an entrepreneurship competition on behalf of Innovit. The 10 business ideas, out of 327, that moved  forward in the competition where graded by focus group which was composed of 90 experts with diverse backgrounds from industry and academia.

Top 4 for Best Business Idea 2013

“This is something else” is an entrepreneurship competition by Landsbankinn and Matis. The competition is supposed to be a powerful impetus for small to medium companies in the development field of food science and biotechnology, with the aim to increase permanent value creation in Iceland.

Project grant 2012

In 2012 geoSilica received a project grant from the Technology Development Fund for three years. The goal of the project was the product development and marketing of silica supplements in the form of a liquid colloidal silica from the water separator of Hellisheiðarvirkjun along with the development of the technological solutions needed for the efficient manufacture of the product.