“A few months after I had my younger daughter in November 2014 I began to suffer from hair loss. Along with that, I have very bad skin and nails. I was then advised to try the silica suppliment from geoSilica. It is 100% natural mineral which is developed and produced in Iceland from geothermal water from the Hellisheiði Geothermal Power Plant.
The silica supplement comes in liquid form and you are supposed to intake 1 tbsp (10 ml) daily. What I also felt really good about the silica supplement is that it contains no additives – only silica and water – and it’s also tasteless. I decided to try it out, I had tried using shampoo for hair loss, various creams and nail hardener. One bottle lasted me for one month and after about 2 weeks I was starting to see a significant difference in skin, hair and nails. I decided to take another good session and bought bottles for two months and the results was outstanding!
I convinced my husband to test the silica supplement too. He has psoriasis and silica has proved that it can help people with psoriasis exceptionally well. He also saw a large difference in the skin and many psoriasis spots on him became thinner and had decreased substantially. Since then, we have several times taken the silica supplement from geoSilica and I always feel much difference in me, especially on the skin and nails. Besides, I feel that it has reduced tiredness and stiffness that I often suffer during the winter months.”
Ásdís Geirsdóttir
“After I had my baby, I suffered from hair loss, I thought that it would stop after maximum 3 months but when my baby was 8 months old the hair loss was still profound. I found hair everywhere, in his diaper, on the floor and just name it! I have fine hair and I thought I would be bald. My diet is very good and I drink a lot of water so it was not the case, so I decided to try the Silica Supplement from geoSilica because after all it was supposed to be good for hair. I took 1 tbsp every day and now 3 weeks later I suddenly noticed that the hairs are gone from the floor and when I put my fingers through my hair, not a single hair comes with it! The only thing that I have changed the last 3 weeks is to take the Silica Supplement from geoSilica, so I know it’s helping me. I am very happy and satisfied and recommend all women with hair loss to try!”
Ásdís Inga Haraldsdóttir
“I can say that I feel a lot better after I started to take it regularly. I decided to try to take the Silica Supplement from geoSilica for two weeks to find out if it would help me, and it has. Bone pain and fibromyalgia pain are gone and the only thing I have changed is that I started to use the Silica Supplement. I also found a great difference in the nails, which are much stronger than they were before, but they were always breaking. I can say that you’ve earned a future client and that is me :)”
Hafdís P. Magnúsdóttir
“I broke my hip badly 10 months ago and also broke both of my wrists 2 years ago . I’ve been taking your Silica Supplement now for eight months and after 2-3 months I found immediately a large difference in me and now I hardly feel that I have ever broken anything.”
Anna Guðmundsdóttir
“I have been using this product for a while now, I’ve been drinking it every morning now for several months. I have fibromyalgia in early stages, the fingers are stiff and I’ve pain in the joints. I do not felt any pain or stiffness for several months now. I’ve iron and B12 deficiency and therefore I’m often tired, but I could reduce the iron intake considerably by taking the Silica Supplement with it, it goes much better in the stomach! Also I’ve had pain in the back since June 2015. Now a year later in April, this pain is completely gone.”
Kristín Helga Magnúsdóttir

“I’ve been taking the Silica Supplement from geoSilica for 6 months, but recently I started to spray it daily on my psoriasis spots. I rub a little of the liquid on the spots and also a moisturizer with no additives afterward. I’ve only started to do this regularly for a month and I have never achieved as good results as with this product. Many spots have become lighter and I can see my skin in between. I’ve only achieved as good results when I was in psoriasis treatment in the Clinic at the Blue Lagoon.

Besides all this, I’ve had severe pain in my knees but psoriatic patients often get arthritis because of the disease but today the pain have almost disappeared. Also, the sugar cravings virtually disappeared but I ate candy almost every day.”

Veigar Þór Gissurarson
“A little case study: I have a tear in the lower back and have always been dealing with severe pain in the back if I’m not active enough or lifting heavy, or do something that I am not supposed to do when you have backpain. But I’ve been taking the Silica Supplement and do not feel pain in my back since I started taking it. I’m starting on a bottle 2 now. Which is great.”
Elsa Margrét Árnadóttir
“I have osteoarthritis and joint pain. I’ve taken the Silica Supplement for four weeks and I’m clearly feeling better despite such a short time. Definitely going to continue taking it, now I need to buy a new bottle. Thank you for this.”
Björk Halldórsdóttir
“I’m almost finished with bottle No. 2 and feel a lot better in my knees and my health overall is better. I have osteoporosis and I’m going in for new measurements in December, will be interesting to see how the measuremens will go. I intend to continue using Silica Supplemet from geoSilica in the future”
Sigrún Kristinsdóttir
“I’ve never been much for taking vitamins or dietary supplements, perhaps I’m old school. Have always believed that the best thing for the body would be eating from all food groups and it would suffice. I heard about the Silica Supplement from geoSilica and decided to try one bottle. After 3 weeks, I noticed that after years of pain that I’ve had in the hip had subsided substantially, three weeks later the pain was almost gone. At the same time, I noticed that I had stopped all nibble at night, sugar addiction disappeared and 5 kg. were gone. This is not all, I sleep better and feel better in the morning and all this after only 4 months of Silica Supplement from geoSilica. Now the pain in the hip is gone and I can not help but be pleased with this great success.”
Birna Sigurbjörnsdóttir
“Thanks for the Silica Supplement! What a magical drink! I have always had a itchy and sensitive skin, now the skin has improved dramatically and I do not even use lotions that have kept me from scratching it. And I’ve only been taking the Silica Supplement for two months. Many thanks, the Silica Supplement has come to stay in my life.”
Gunnhildur Björnsdóttir
“I have been taking the Silica Supplement from geoSilica for the last month. I have fibromyalgia and I feel a lot better in my arms and pain have reduced. I recommend it, it works.”
Anna Margrét Guðmundsdóttir
“I have good experience of the Silica Supplement, more energy and the need for sugar has reduced, I recommend it for everyone.”
Rannveig L. Garðarsdóttir
“I’m 58 years old, I’ve taken one tablespoon of geoSilica Supplement once a day for over a month. I’m better in the body and in my joints, but I workout almost every day, lifting weights and riding bicycle. I feel the hair and skin to be better, not as dry. I’ve recently bought bottle No. 2.”
Kristín Halla Hilmarsdóttir
“I just finished with the 3rd bottle (actually a bit since the last one finished) and found no difference until a week after the last one finished. Then I began to feel the fatigue that apparently had benefited from the Silica Supplement. Actually, I was beginning to notice that the hair loss has decreased substantially and the nails had become stronger. I’ve no doubt that this product makes the difference…… (always took it on an empty stomach).”
Jóna Gunnarsdóttir
“I bought a bottle of this a little while a ago, did not find much difference after the first bottle but decided to buy more. Now I’m on bottle three and find enormous differences. The joints are not as stiff, nails are good and I just feel better overall. I strongly recommend this wonder product; I will continue to buy it. Thank you very much.”
Guðlaug Björk Bjarnþórsdóttir
“I was introduced to the Silica Supplement from geoSilica almost a year ago. I have long struggled with the problems and pain that can be connected to the wear and tear in the body from work and chronic illness and the operations associated with them. I have arthritis, the osteoarthritis is the worst and I’ve had to have operations because of it. I am currently on bottle no. 9 and take a good sip every morning. I feel a lot better after I started to intake the Silica Supplement from geoSilica. I feel much less pain in the body, especially the joints, those who know me see a big difference in me. Also this has particularly had a very good effect on the skin, hair and nails. I will always be grateful to my daughter for introducing me to this product and I believe geoSilica has helped me a lot.”
Sigrún Björg Sæmundsdóttir
“I’m on the third bottle and find a big difference in the knees that have been bothering me for a long time, and I think the nails are also getting pretty good. Have great confidence in this product.”
Ólöf Didda Sigfúsdóttir
“This is amazing stuff, I stopped getting fungal infections, no longer feel lumps in my scars that I used to scratch myself to the blood due to hypothyroidism, the skin become stronger, the hair is lively, seems to help the absorption of iron but I have iron deficiency and iodine deficiency and I am low in B12, I workout and the brain fog has decreased and I it’s easier for me to concentrate.”
Kristjana Guðrún Sigurðardóttir